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Repeat testing, audit-proof long-term archiving

Petroleum and petrochemical industry

In refineries and chemical plants many tests need to be performed in regular intervals. Compliant and audit-proof archiving is an essential component of NDT. JiveX NDT optimizes this process in two ways: Firstly, JiveX NDT supports the creation of task lists which in turn allow automatic analysis of the test procedure in the digital x-ray system, e.g. in the assessment of remaining wall thickness or corrosion. The task lists contain all relevant order data, thus all images are automatically matched with the correct order.

Secondly, JiveX NDT is a vendor-neutral image and report management system which stores all objects in the standardized DICONDE format (ASTM E2339) – a major precondition for compliant archiving of test images.

Moreover, JiveX NDT allows the data to be distributed within the network and forward them to ERP, QA and integrity systems.

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