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Mobile data wherever and whenever they are needed

JiveX NDT for NDT service providers

Offering NDT services requires a huge degree of flexibility: some clients request the tests to be performed on site; others may need them on their customer’s premises but increasingly, clients expect the images to be read at the test site and the results to be made available right away. Thus all component data have to be accessible at any time and anywhere.

No problem for JiveX NDT: the mobile solution provides access to digital test images and test reports and allows the user to store, analyze and distribute them. With JiveX NDT images can be processed and evaluated in the service vehicle on site. Results and reports, e.g. on a weldseam on a wind turbine, can be forwarded to the client on the spot, no matter where and when the tests were performed. This speed translates into an enormous competitive advantage as the client can immediately process the data in his QA or integrity system.

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