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Digitalization to extend test cycles

Energy industry

The energy sector is always confronted with the revision safe execution and documentation of recurring inspections – in particular for plant maintenance procedures according to industrial safety regulations.

Even if an external service provider performs testing, data can completely be digitalized and archived with JiveX NDT and securely and reliably be provided to a notified body. The quality-assured inspection procedures in JiveX NDT and the maximum transparency of documentation allows for an argumentation for extending test cycles towards the authority.

Important images and results, for instance of welding inspections of boilers and pipes, easily become available at any place that is dedicated to an evaluation of tests or that has privileges for an access to those data. Images of the same inspections point can be loaded with respect to their recoding time and easily be compared. Thus, an expert can faster diagnose temporal changes in plant parts.

Long-term archiving is one of the strengths of JiveX NDT as the solution allows copies of reports to be archived together with the assigned images and because archiving guidelines can be defined in compliance with company policy or regulatory specifications – no matter whether the data have to be retained for ten years or even longer.

JiveX NDT implements the internationally recognized and vendor-neutral DICONDE data format (ASTM standard E2339). DICONDE is short for Digital Imaging and Communication in Non-Destructive Evaluation" and stores, next to visual information like images, movies and (report) documents, additional testing information in a metafile structure inside the any object. This makes JiveX NDT a highly valuable data pool for artificial intelligence applications, i.e. for predictive maintenance, since their algorithms can be trained best with structured, historical, chronological data input.

Summary: JiveX NDT instantly helps with the digitalization of testing information, saves time and money with a faster image reading and evaluation and is the intelligent data source for your future ideas and concepts.

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