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Intelligent integration and distribution of test data

Aviation industry

The aviation industry poses a number of complex challenges for NDT: many different types of tests generate many different types of information, be it images, videos or reports, which have to be stored over the useful life of the aircraft. In order to create consistent data that survive the storage cycle archiving should be vendor-neutral and in line with widely recognized industry standards.

This is where JiveX NDT can play out its strengths: the solution is based on the internationally recognized DICONDE standard (ASTM E2339). All image, video and document data, independent of the originating device, are converted to DICONDE via the JiveX gateways and moved to the long-term archive on the server.

Another advantage: JiveX provides access to important test data and images – digitally, in a standardized way and location-independent – including mobile devices in the hangar or on the apron. Analog test cards or proprietary formats are things of the past!

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