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Time stamps guarantee safe and structured archiving


Structured archiving of test data is a major challenge for NDT in the automotive industry. Depending on the component and the specifications defined by the engineering team huge data volumes, e.g. 3D CT scans, may need to be archived over different retention periods. The problem: the digital data do not contain additional information, be it on the date they were archived or on the date they are to be deleted. Thus for simplicity sake most data remain in the automotive company’s digital archive, clogging it up and using valuable space.

JiveX NDT offers an elegant solution: the digital objects are marked with a time stamp. The user now has a clear overview of objects nearing the end of their retention period. These data may be deleted – with a deletion record – or the retention period may be extended, i.e. the data continue to be archived.

Consequently, the archive contains only data required for compliant archiving – which saves time and archiving space.

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