Knowledge is the foundation of successful change. To support our customers and interested parties with their change processes we offer in-person as well as online seminars on the digitalization of NDT and the JiveX NDT  product portfolio. Our experts will build a solid foundation for you to launch and expand your individual digitalization project.

Online seminar

JiveX NDT Start

Our introductory JiveX NDT online seminar provides an overview of the enormous potential of digitalization. We will focus on the IT-based optimization of process chains and on the advantages of the DICONDE standard. In addition, the participants will get to know our products and the JiveX NDT philosophy.


Online seminar


Introduction to Picture Archiving and Communication Systems (PACS) in general and the JiveX NDT PACS in particular. The seminar focuses on the application of JiveX NDT for residual wall thickness measurement and weld seam inspection. We will also discuss the advantages of the DICONDE standard and common standards for digital shadow projection.



The online seminar provides crucial know-how about the development of a fully digital component documentation. We will present the capabilities of JiveX NDT CCM, for example, archiving test reports, handouts or other revision-proof data and in the DICONDE standard.



Industrial radiography standards

This online seminar covers the most important standards of industrial radiography. In addition, we will have a closer look at the advantages of standard-compliant digital assessment of test results.


The World of DICONDE

This online seminar offers an introduction to the world of DICONDE. We will cover the standard, its history and the advantages of DICONDE-based data.