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NDT Workflow Management

JiveX NDT – open and transparent

Key benefits of the JiveX NDT system are the optimal support for, and simplification of, key work processes of all departments working with the system.

NDT Workflow Management

The flow of testing data is supported from onset through assessment to generation of testing data CDs and image distribution. For this purpose JiveX NDT offers numerous options for automated data processing and data communication. In addition, flexible interfaces and modules help to realize ideal data quality.

Workflow modules for the JiveX NDT Server

JiveX Order Manager

The JiveX Order Manager is a key component in structured quality assurance. It provides the test order worklists to compliant test devices, such as digital fluoroscopy systems. This also includes a data consistency check on the JiveX NDT Server of incoming image and test documents and synchronization with the order information from the ERP system (e.g., SAP) or test management system. For instance, the JiveX Order Manager acquires work order information from the ERP or test management system via the communications interface and provides it as DICONDE worklist to compliant test devices, such as digital fluoroscopy systems. Since each unique order can be accessed right at the point of testing, the test images and documents generated by the test device can be assigned to it.

In addition, before the test data are stored in the archive the JiveX Study Verification Manager offers the option of reconciling incoming image studies with the order from an administration system (such as SAP). This ensures that only uniquely identified test images and documents are entered into the JiveX Archive. Faulty and incomplete data are marked and can be corrected by hand.

JiveX PDF Print Gateway

The JiveX PDF Print Gateway transmits documents as DICONDE PDF objects from any application, such as your ERP or test report system (e.g., SAP, MS Word, MS Excel), into a DICONDE Archive. In the process, the documents are converted via an integrated printer driver into the PDF format. Subsequently, this newly generated PDF document can be linked to test data and then sent as a DICONDE PDF object to a DICONDE archive.

JiveX DICONDE Mail Gateway

The JiveX DICONDE Mail Gateway lets the DICONDE server send and receive, via e-mail, studies with images and test reports in the DICONDE format. This system was developed specifically for smooth and safe e-mail communication of large amounts of data. To this end, the study data are encrypted "end-to-end" as recommended by the German Federal Office for Information Security (BSI). One such typical application example is the communication of studies to customers, external testing engineers, experts, and specialized testing institutions.

JiveX LDAP Gateway

The JiveX LDAP Gateway helps you integrate the JiveX NDT System into your existing user and rights administration. With the aid of the LDAP Gateway you can access the user accounts of an LDAP server and, from there, manage the JiveX groups. During the login to the JiveX NDT system, authentication is checked against the LDAP server. This avoids the need for duplicated maintenance of access IDs and passwords.

JiveX Study Access Manager

The JiveX Study Access Manager checks which testing study has/had been opened by which user. If another user accesses this study, a note is displayed indicating that a testing study has been opened by multiple users. This module actively helps to avoid unwanted double testing, particularly in case of multiple sites. On the other hand, the current testing status of your images can be identified in the worklists.

JiveX Server Sync Manager

The JiveX Server Sync Manager can help consolidate data bases from different facilities and synchronize changes within the JiveX network. Its main purpose is the central analysis and long-term archiving of test data generated at the various facilities. To this end, the JiveX Server Sync Manger sends the test images from the satellite facilities or customer sites to the central JiveX NDT Server. Since this way all data are archived at just one, legally compliant location, the headquarters, this saves time, travel expenses, and hardware expenditure.

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