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Modality Gateways

JiveX - Independent and Flexible

JiveX NDT Modality Gateways provide the link between the JiveX NDT Server and the imaging points of testing (modalities).

JiveX NDT device interfaces

The JiveX NDT System offers interfaces for a wide range of image and video formats, and links almost any analog or digital image source. No matter whether you work with digital radiography, ultrasound, thermography, video endoscopy, or photography – with JiveX NDT you can archive any type of NDT imaging data.

Modality Gateways for the JiveX NDT Server

JiveX DICONDE Modality Gateway

All test devices compliant with the DICONDE standard are tied into the network via the JiveX DICONDE Modality Gateway. This is how the test device and the DICONDE archive usually communicate with each other. This gateway allows for direct transmission of image data from the test device to the JiveX NDT Communication Server via the DICONDE storage service.

JiveX Analog Modality Gateway AV

With the JiveX Analog Modality Gateway, images, videos or PDF documents of any type and from any source can be acquired via a graphical user interface, labeled with testing information, and sent to any desired DICONDE archive. Paper printouts, creation of CDs/DVDs or file export are also possible.

JiveX File Import Gateway

The JiveX File Import Gateway provides functionalities that allow data export of PDF and JPEG documents, as well as files with test reports, from the file system; these data can then be integrated into the workflow of NDT departments and service providers via established DICONDE-based infrastructures. The transferred files are converted to the DICONDE format, sent via DICONDE Storage Service to the JiveX NDT Communication Server, or assigned as test data to an order. Thus, these data are deeply integrated into the test processes and can be uniquely retrieved at any time.

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