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JiveX NDT Server

Customized communication and networking

The JiveX NDT Server is the communication hub. It provides all connections and ensures end-to-end work processes, as well as safe retrieval and archiving of images and test reports.

JiveX NDT Server

Thus, the JiveX NDT Server can be easily connected to any image source. The DICONDE interface links JiveX NDT with, e.g., X-ray film scanners and digital fluoroscopy systems, while endoscopes and analog ultrasound units are connected via the video interface. Other import interfaces permit integration of documents, digital images, and other test information, such as signal data.

Intelligent Archiving


With the integrated database, data objects from various test units can be managed online anytime, and adapted to the customized workflow via JiveX NDT extension modules. The JiveX Archive Manager with Data Replication handles online storage (SAN, NAS) as well as archiving in a long term storage or HSM system. For this purpose, multiple storage units can be managed and grouped according to function. The integrated image database provides a good overview of the complete data inventory, storage location, and archival status at any time. In addition, once set up the optional data replication of highly sensitive data runs completely independently of the underlying storage technology. As an example, in online archiving, various storage locations in distributed NAS systems can be accessed.

Tenant management integrated  

A logical as well as physical separation of tenants is no problem for JiveX NDT. The JiveX Archive Manager can write data of different customers to different storage locations. If required, the user management of the JiveX NDT Server can set access rights such that sensible data is accessible for dedicated users only.

While its flexible interfaces allow easy integration of the JiveX NDT System into the existing system infrastructure, a flexible DICONDE communication platform can be set up simply by interconnecting multiple JiveX NDT Servers. This way it is possible to link up, e.g., company and customer sites.

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