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Desktop Applications

Individuality and efficiency

The JiveX NDT systems have a modular system architecture and can be extended, in the network, by various platform-independent desktop applications. JiveX NDT supports various operating systems, depending on the area of application. Acting as the switchboard of the JiveX NDT system, the JiveX NDT Server is the central manager of the database and makes the latter available to the desktop applications.

Depending on the network concept, access to images from the workplace can be implemented on-demand directly from the server or rule-based via automatic auto-routing/pre-fetching.

JiveX NDT workstation systems

In addition, the server also offers a standard interface via the DICONDE Query/Retrieve protocol that allows for seamless integration of common third-party systems into the network at any time.

The desktop applications are used as a JiveX client application. This application accesses the JiveX NDT server directly in order to load (on-demand) image data and documents. A prerequisite for this is sufficient network capacity, which should be matched to the demand. For common application scenarios, standard networks are absolutely sufficient.

JiveX NDT Desktop Applications

The development of JiveX NDT desktop applications relies on various technologies. The desktop applications for image distribution with the JiveX NDT Viewer are based on web technologies (HTML5). The JiveX NDT Viewer Pro is based on Java technology.

JiveX NDT Viewer

With the JiveX NDT Viewer, the user has quick access to all images and test report data via his/her mobile device. JiveX Mobile can be operated as a stand-alone application or completely integrated into your mobile ERP application (e.g., by SAP). The image data is automatically prepared for this on the basis of standards and can also be edited interactively.

JiveX NDT Viewer Pro

This desktop application allows interactive image and test report viewing at each networked workplace. The transfer of data takes place in a highly performant manner. The special JiveX transfer protocol transfers the data on-demand, and in various qualities which depend on the use scenario, from the JiveX server to the workplace.

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