Digitalization prepares the ground for predictive maintenance

In the process industry, sudden equipment failures or unscheduled downtimes are worst case scenarios since they not only cause financial loss but can also seriously damage the reputation of a company. Predictive maintenance is a crucial strategy to avoid such events – albeit a strategy that requires the relevant data to be available in digital form.

Digitalization for predictive maintenance purposes however is only half of the battle. While current parameters can be read digitally, reliable results can only be obtained if all data of repeat inspections are available digitally and are included in the analysis.

This is the weak link in many scenarios. Very often, regular inspections, e.g. to determine the remaining pipe strength or weld seam testing, are performed with analog x-ray systems and evaluated using a light box. Thus, data which provide important information for predictive maintenance are available on paper only, maybe in an Excel table.

This lack of standardized data exchange between inspection and maintenance departments, or between ERP, RBI or MES systems, seriously compromises the success of predictive maintenance.

Fully digital, fully networked with JiveX

The good news is: Full digitalization of the inspection process is no big deal anymore. Systems such as JiveX NDT digitally map the entire inspection process which provides replicable values and thus increases the reliability of the analyses. Moreover processes are optimized and compliant archiving of documentation is ensured.

A further advantage of digital data capturing is the fact that the data can be fed into the leading corporate management systems, i.e. the values and inspection data are entered in a central data base and available for future use such as predictive maintenance.

Digitalization allows the optimization of processes towards “lean” as the example of a renowned inspection service provider in Rheinland Raffinerie shows: JiveX NDT supports the analysis by automatically determining pipe strength at critical locations and then transferring the data via an inspection report management system. In addition the data are exchanged directly and in real-time with the plant operator.

JiveX uses the internationally recognized data format DICONDE which allows manufacturer-neutral data handling as well as data exchange with other systems.

Thus JiveX NDT is the perfect foundation for optimizing inspection processes, leading to increased plannability and less downtime.

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