Two major questions need to be addressed when considering digitalization of NDT test processes: How can orders and order management be digitalized? How can test images and reports be merged?

It does indeed make sense to use two separate IT systems: one for test management purposes, including the generation of test orders, documentation of the measured values and reports, and a second one or image management. Digitalization however can only be considered a full success when these two IT systems work hand in glove, i.e. when the flow of information is fully automatized.

Cooperation – the key to successful digitalization

The image management system JiveX NDT by VISUS NDT offers an expert solution for the management of images acquired during NDT. How does the solution work? JiveX NDT “grabs” the images from the test devices, be it x-ray, ultrasound, endoscopy, thermography or digital camera systems. All images, in DICONDE standard, that belong to an order are pooled so they can be viewed and archived by order. JiveX NDT moreover offers numerous post-processing options which make the assessment of the test object simpler and safer.

The cooperation with AAP-NDT, the provider of TIMS, an IT solution for test report management, enables JiveX NDT to do even more: TIMS allows digital execution of test orders as well as the generation of documentation and test reports. By linking JiveX NDT and TIMS, the image and the report world are finally joined.

  • Digital workflow with JiveX NDT and TIMS

Digital workflow with JiveX NDT and TIMS: a case study

A digital workflow integrating the two systems might look as follows:
When an order is entered in TIMS, the order data are automatically forwarded to JiveX NDT. Once the test images are acquired, they are also automatically transmitted to JiveX NDT where they can be processed and evaluated. The evaluation results obtained in JiveX can be entered directly in TIMS, where the test report, including a print-ready copy, is generated. A copy of the test report and the images is moved to the compliant JiveX NDT archive. Thus, all documents and images are safely stored in databases and can be accessed and evaluated at any time.

A digital workflow not only increases safety, most importantly: it saves time. Users working with both systems reported time savings of up to 50 percent for test assessments

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