• Ready for bits and bytes

The NDT industry is digitalizing, not tomorrow or the day after, but right now. We see that not only in our daily work as the suppliers of JiveX NDT, software for digital image and test report management, but also among other industry specialists whose daily business has already been transformed or is currently in the process of changing.

We visited some of these NDT experts and discussed with them the digitalization of their business – for example suppliers of analogue x-ray film, chemical companies, or CT manufacturers. Even if not all fields have gone as far along the route to digitalization, it is clear: there is no future without bits and bytes. In our small series: Ready for Bits and Bytes, we introduce the companies and their digitalization strategies.

Interview with Lennart Schulenburg

Lennart Schulenburg (VisiConsult) in an interview with VISUS Industry IT

The company VisiConsult in Stockelsdorf, for example, has been working on establishing digital X-ray processes in NDT since its foundation.

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Interview with Michael Neiser

Michael Neiser – Applus+ RTD Germany

Obviously, digitalization has become a concern in daily business – even if not to the degree that Michael Neiser would like.

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Interview with Kersten Alward

Kersten Alward – Pfinder NDT

Pfinder Chemie of Böblingen in Baden-Württemberg has demonstrated sufficiently its flexibility throughout the company’s history.

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Interview with Nicolas Korte

Nicolas Korte – ETABO

ETABO covers the field of power engineering and plant services – and demonstrates how enterprises with courage and flexibility can defy structural change and become fit for the future.

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Interview with Benedikt Kürwers

Benedikt Kürwers, CEO PTH GmbH

The beautiful town of Hamminkeln on the Lower Rhine, near the German-Netherlands border, is not really known as the Silicon Valley of North Rhine Westphalia. Nonetheless PTH GmbH, located here, is a good example for the digitalization story of the NDT industry.

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