JiveX: The solution for digital image and test report management

Long-term archiving, remote diagnoses, second opinions or documentation in the case of a damage claim – in non-destructive testing (NDT) providing and managing test data in digital form has many advantages: the data can be archived quickly and securely, complete data sets of an inspection object are available at the touch of a button and the data can be evaluated simultaneously by several people at different locations. That saves time and money and avoids stress.

However many test data are only available in analogue form, e.g. handwritten test reports or x-ray film. And where test data are prepared digitally, there is no uniform data format to allow data consolidation within one IT system.

VISUS JiveX is able to digitalize test reports and images using an automated process and assign them directly to a particular test order. This is based on the so-called DICONDE file format, an internationally recognized standard for acquisition, management and archiving of test data. Also data that have already been digitalized can be converted into DICONDE with ease, regardless of the original format. JiveX allows the compilation of complete product documentation—documents, images, videos and signal data, even the device main file. In addition, the entire test report is presented on a unified viewer and the retrieval of parallel data – image and report – is possible.

Due to the system’s modular architecture, it adapts easily to our customers’ individual requirements, regardless of analogue, semi-digital or digital workflows.